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>>da: this principle was arrested for dealing drugs. >> that the press has to students attending this element to school. >> all of the speaking to the children about what not to do i cannot believe that he is doing this
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has placed him on administrative leave >> principal lotus will appear in court on monday. >>vicki: this is not the first time but criminals ripped out all of the copper lighting on >> this is the second time this month that teens have stole copper wiring. came to this field on tuesday the lights were working fine but on wednesday as he got a call that there was a problem. >> they take the covers off the bottom of the poll and snipped the wires on both
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and and they pulled the wires through. 3 ft. in diameter. they did not take any of the wire but maybe they did not have any way to halt its. >> dollar this month these broken to the walls and stole everything inside. >> they will not be able to play a night's game until the wiring is replaced. with this type of damage, it is a spring expensive thing to recover from pin penn >>
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>>vicki: 7 cisco police -- san francisco police are going to post a town hall meeting. this is removed and relationship to the violence. >> a worker there was involved in a crash at the airport is in the hospital. the cause of the crash is still underneath -- under investigation. >> the federated indians of manchuria will pay to widen the roads.
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the casino is expected to open in 2013. >> the national navicular securities the ministration says the laboratory will take the materials out of limit livermore and save money by consolidating materials. >> we are warming up for another day. here are the highs for today. there is not much of and the way of fog for today. there were some high clouds that made their way across the bay to day.
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this is the tail end of a weather system. there were some showers in the northeastern part of the state. >> here is a look out over the bay. there will be some fog moving in over the golden gate bridge pin >> here are the highs for tomorrow. it will be cooler or crossed the area tomorrow. >>vicki: to football fans went to the hospital at the raiders' game. the injuries were not life- threatening but alcohol could be responsible. >> hayward bay was injured.
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he was taken off the field but not before he raised his right hand to tell the fans he was ok. >> looking out for workers and businesses or 53% or 47% >> i know you have a presence is something unusual. he said he cannot fix washington from the inside. >>vicki: there is barack obama and mit romney taking >>vicki: there is barack obama and mit romney taking a few shots (car horn)
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>> at decision 2012
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president obama and met romney took shots at each other while on the campaign trail. >> on sunday morning talk show, both candidates were dealt with on the talk-show. one mn i think it's going to bay about your bank account not his swiss bank account. >> president obama talked about jobs pin >> i'm not trying to create eight american -- democrat or republican jobs i'm trying to create american jobs in irian.
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i do not believe in just looking out for workers are businesses that had says 53% or 40% -- 47 percent i need to look out for everybody. >> mit romney said i know that you heard the president heard something unusual pin -- say something unusual. he cannot fix washington from the inside. we're inclined to give him a chance to do it from the outside in irian. >> >>vicki: a giant panda cub that was borrowed at the washington d.c.'s zoo died this morning. they are not sure what caused the cut to die.
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there was no outline trauma or infection. them that this is devastating for all of us here. >> there is a lot of passion and care that went into this. we have a terrific team. we had the volunteers the scientists the workers and it is devastating parent. >>vicki: officials say that they hope to have some answers tomorrow. >> >>vicki: the 25 year old man and and your jumped out of date trolley car into the cat this end. >> he was saying that it
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was not a sou attacks cited tenty was trying to be one with the cats. a and he is seriously injured. it was about a 17 ft. fault. officials say that the tiger did nothing wrong. >> and lots of fog pushing into the bay. the fog will come off of the pacific tonight but it should not get too far inland. he will probably see the fog and go into the north bay as well. here are the temperatures right now.
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tonight it will be clear skies most places tomorrow morning will see fog and cloud cover. in tomorrow the sunny skies with core temperatures. >> we do have a weather system that is in eastern oregon. that brings some showers in to the north eastern portion of california. that will send some clouds into our area. we may have some wins from the north that will help keep the fog at a minimum
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this is fog tracker 4 karen by the time nine to 10:00 comes around you will see the fog moved toward the coast. here are monday afternoon highs. >> here is the 7 day around the bay forecast. the beginning of the week gets cooler but at the end of the week we will see more
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sunshine and higher temperatures. >>vicki: crime for gives you the best feed once again. it'll be the blue angel slide presented by cheap. -- jeep. >> >>stanley: tammy i seem to have that effect of people. -- coming up i seem to have that effect on people i will show you why when we come back.
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verizon. >> here is stanley roberts to offend some people behaving badly. >> watch your back that is all i have to say. >> getting on the buss is
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getting a lot easier. if you have cash you have to enter during the fraud but if you have a clipper card you can enter in the basket -- back in when there are fair and inspectors are around the fair skippers are easy to find. >> they are usually the person holding of the buss mother searching through their pockets. or they're the person on the cell phone karen >> the fair and specter search a bag for him. one time they ask this man
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for a second occasion and handed them his medical marijuana card. ben mann >> this man is upset because he boarded the bus several blocks back but he never paid his fare and. if you know you're about to enter a bust you need to have your fare ready parent when >> the cost of a muni ride is $2 the cost of a ticket for the fadingavoiding to
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pay the fare is $200. >> i will let you know what the weather is going to be like on monday and the rest of the week coming up. th [ male announcer ] citibank's app for ipad makes it easy for anne to manage her finances when she's on the go. even when she's not going anywhere. citibank for ipad. easier banking. standard at citibank.
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forty-niners lost to the vikings today. alex smith have not thrown an interception and 249 games did so today. a day after clinching the national league west title the giants lost 6-for parents and >> next they will be taking on the diamondbacks. >> in the 14th inning the oakland eggs the yankees a 5-4. oakland eggs the yankees a 5-4. [ female announcer ] this is the story of joycelin...
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>> >>vicki: governor brown is very busy as he signs and a host of bills. >> at absolutely. the governor signed a wide range of bills. some addressed to the developer of control and others gas lines. >> and the past birth control could only be
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prescribed by a doctor and now they have changed it to others practitioner and physician's assistant. >> comprehensive breast tissue screening >> women will be notified when they have dense breast tissue and it will be difficult to it that kept -- to detect breast cancer. this would require more testing to identify the cancer. >> both were offered by assembly jerry hill. the utilities commission
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will now be required to set safeties' performance benchmarks for public utilities. the commission will have to take the company's safety record into consideration. this law is intended to close a loophole. it is in relationship to under age drinking. if alcohol is to be served on the buss of people are 21 years or older and a chaperoned 25 years old or older must be on the buss. those laws were signed by governor brown and will go
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into effect in january. >>vicki: 1 challenges that face is both barack obama and that romney is the large amount of voters ready for the taking. both candidates to try to get the word out to a get the votes. >> saturday in wisconsin the voting was called for arms. obama said who once to let the oil companies ride the energy plan? don't move. i'm asking you for your vote. >> 23 million americans eligible to vote or are not registered.
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how these people and if these people vote is central to both campaigns. >> in virginia, a key battleground state there is a romney rally in fairfax. >> when you have this many people in one place limits registering easy. >> i have done at the library last week. this is great. >> we have registered a make contact with the other of the 300,000 people in the last week. >> a few days later we caught up with obama's supporters and registering voters. what i try to do is go with the folks are.
8:35 pm
i go to libraries, back-to- school lines. barbershops. is it the place to start. >> beyond getting them registered it is also important for people to know what to bring to the polls. they have to have identification two votes. >> allot supporters say is there to protect voter fraud. >>if there is a person that declared the winner day one there should be no doubt about the election process perrin >> the laws are designed to
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discourage people from going to the polls. they must have other kinds of ideas and make people go through certain and leaps. it is becoming harder. voters themselves well makes need to make sure that they're ready and able to cast their ballot. >>vicki: today and face the nation former president is bill clinton was asked >> >> i do not know. she was an extraordinary able person. meantime mit romney talked about an emergency landing his wife's plane had to make on friday.
8:37 pm
no one was seriously hurt. >> mit romney said that he is glad that she is on the ground say unsound. i do not think she knows just how worried some of us were. when you have a fire and aircraft there is really no place to go. the windows to not open and aircraft. it is a dangerous situation and quite a problem. fortney there was enough oxygen for the pilot and co- pilot to make this state stanley -- safe landing. >> is a caucus of the musicians went on strike because they could not agree on a new contact -- contract. >> the people outside of
8:38 pm
the chicago theater were upset because the orchestra performance was canceled just one hour prior to the performance. we came here and we saw the signs. >> the chicago symphony orchestra said that they had agreed to work through the contract negotiations. they had been offered a very fair contract. they would of had a base minimum wage of over 150,000. in fact, and this year when they make only $140,000,
8:39 pm
>> end date musicians have been working without a contract on sunday september 16th pin. they're concerned also about the cost of their health care. >> they need a consequence of the actions appeared. they're not betray their actions and a fruitful manner. >> there is a live you from san francisco at treasure island. the fog looks like it's a little low.
8:40 pm
the fog bank that is with us closer to the surface has a more difficult time moving. >> tomorrow will say nc the fog and the ban and the north bay. it should clear by 10:00 a.m.. afternoon should have sunny skies. tomorrow morning we will have mostly fifties. then by 10:00 you'll see things warm up and as we head into 4:00 in the afternoon we will see some high seventies low 80s. you're on timeout leo!
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some things won't last 25 years. ah! woof! some things will.
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some things won't last 25 years. ah! woof! some things will.
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>> a imagine at the age of 19 years old you are at top of the game. -- at the age of 90, you are the top of the game. >> i could painters look at things from the inside out and from the outside in. >>vicki: his work is hanging from san francisco to shanghai. >> at 90 years old he has seen many changes and the california landscape. >> the look at my work and
8:44 pm
say that they had been there. i would say to myself you think you have been there. but that is important to me. >>vicki: you can see the bright colors. >> and nice weekend around the bay area. tomorrow we will have the upper eighties and low 90s. i will talk about that coming right up.
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the >> world news there was some militias that let loose on our
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>> buzz began with what happened friday. let's take a look at what happened on friday. demonstrators took to the streets. he was the only authority on the roofs of the country. they stormed one of the headquarters and peacefully took over the location. >> there was a battalion that was endorsed by the government. the army and eventually moved in. they saw some of the heavy weapons that were there.
8:48 pm
looters were able to take off some of the lighter weapons. this is certainly a chaotic a nonvolatile situation. this is the part of the population being set up with the government's inability to roll. tune more notes militant organizations have rioted in benghazi saturday night. they are set up with a
8:49 pm
impunity the militias here are able to operate with. >> >>vicki: kentucky fried chicken restaurants and pakistan are closing their doors due to the pilots' protest. >> kentucky fried chicken have more than 60 restaurants and 20 cities. >> this is a look at treasure island looking out toward the bay bridge. you can see the fog began to drift in across the bay. we have a wide range of temperatures around the bay area.
8:50 pm
>> here are the temperatures right now. >> for tomorrow the temperatures will be a little liquid than today. there are no 90 degree temperatures and the forecast. >> the reason for the cooling is due in part with this affront to this over oregon. there are some showers reaching our northeast corner. the bay area as saying the results of the clouds created by the tail end of the storm.
8:51 pm
>> we will have winds coming out of the north. >> the fog should clear away pretty fast by 9-10:00. temperatures will be mid to upper 70's. hear our monday afternoon highs. antioch in livermore are looking to be the warmest
8:52 pm
spots in the bay area. it will be in the mid '80s. here is a 7 day around the bay karen will have more fog on tuesday and wednesday in irian and by friday things will begin to warm up. and here is a reminder that you can check the news any time of day at the comcast channel 193. >>vicki: kron 4 blue angels live is presented by jeep this will be saturday october 6th. we will be right back.
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>>vicki: a local artist goes too far on stage and now is taking a time out. >> billy joe armstrong is taking a break from this day spin he is an tray we have. they apologize for whomever he ascended in an obscenity laced incident in los
8:56 pm
angeles pin. we have no idea of this affects his upcoming toward the kicks off in november. >> a thriller held in the and the street coast been pressed the ticket sales. >> >>vicki: homeland of wins the emmy award for best drama. eric stone street of modern family won his first emmy award. modern family what is the third straight award. >> it is a nice day tomorrow rights.
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>> at it looks great. it will be a very pleasant eighties in land and '70s in the heart of the bay. >>vicki: that is it for us. will be back in 11 pin -- will be back at 11:00. [ man ] it's big. supports in times of need. same with aladdin. the biggest in bail. no one has lower prices, is faster or more professional. aladdin bail bonds. bigger because we're better.
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[ man ] it's big.

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